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Robert Dulnuan

Hello and welcome to my AIM Global website.

I am Robert Dulnuan, 28 years old from Philippines. Before, I was a ship electrician at Hanjin Shipyard for 5years. Due to small salary for my family I was able to look for a job abroad and by God’s grace, I am now working in South Korea.

When I was working in Korea, my friend in Japan invited me to learn about AIM Global. At first, I doubted but he explained it to me well, about all company details, etc. I was inspired then when i found out by researching that it is true and legal. I saw it is a very good opportunity for me to achieve my dreams like my friend and other distributors.

I decided then to join AIM Global to try their products manufactured by Nature’s Way, to avail discounts and for my family use also. I was impressed by their products C24/7 which is AIM Global flag ship product. It is very good. My family said as well.

My reason of joining AIM Global is the Hybrid Compensation Plan plus the value for money we are getting upon joining. To date doing AIM Global together with my team Ultimate Warriors International with purpose of helping our co-Filipinos abroad and all people of the world to earn additional income aside from their current job earnings and to teach them to become an Entrepreneur too.

I am inviting you to explore my website and if you are interested, join my Team and we could work together in reaching your dreams. I and our team are trained and empowered to be one of AIM Global’s quality leaders.

Thank you for trusting us and GOD BLESS YOU.

Contact Me:

Email: [email protected]
FB : fb.com/robdul05
Cell#: +821048671852
WhatsApp: +821048671852
Imo/Viber: 01048671852


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