AIM Global Scholarship Program

When you join AIM Global, one of the benefits you could avail as a member is the Transferable Scholarship. Each Global Package includes one transferable scholarship certificate that may be given to anyone you know.

You can choose from over 400+ affiliated schools, colleges or universities nationwide. Depending on the chosen school, discount on tuition fees ranges from 25% to 100% per semester, good for up to 5-year college course. However, since this is a scholarship program, some schools or universities require a maintaining grade to continue the scholarship, but unlike other scholarship program, maintaining grade is just minimal and attainable. Most schools only require a maintaining grade of 75% or 3.0, or just a passing grade.

Some members joined AIM Global because of the discounts they could save for the tuition fees of their children, all for just P12,980. Furthermore, they get the privilege of being an independent distributor and have their own GLOBAL BUSINESS with six major ways to earn.

To give you an idea on how much you could possibly save with AIM Global Scholarship Program, see sample computation below.


If you still have questions about AIM Global’s scholarship program, feel free to contact me.


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