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If you are from Zambia in Africa and wants to know how to join AIM Global from your country, you are on the right spot to learn more about this business. For the past 12years, AIM Global has established 19 offices in many countries as part of the massive global expansion. Africa is a big continent that is now the big market of AIM Global. The company has already established offices in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Ivory Coast,Tanzania,Rwanda and more! But not only in Africa, AIM Global also has offices in the Philippines which is about 150 business centers and branches. There is also AIM Global in Dubai, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Hawaii, Singapore, Taiwan, Kuwait, Pakistan and more. But let us talk about the real purpose of this post which is how to join AIM Global Zambia. 
Thank you for showing your interest, By the way I’m Robert Dulnuan we are into Health & Wellness Business of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL. I’m a professional Network Marketer from Philippines. I train, coach and mentor people throughout the world who want to start their own businesses (part time) and help them earn additional INCOME outside of what they are currently doing right now without affecting their current job.. I want you to open your heart and mind with this opportunity, What is happening to your place right now will happens to you too, be the Pioneer there.You will earn your first millions in less than 1 year for some took it a months only.. But before i send you all the information please watch this short video about our company…

Company Profile:

ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. is a marketing company established in March 2006. It is located at Units 301, 319 and 320 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, cor. Garnet and Sapphire Sts., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. In more than 12 years of operation, It has established its presence strategically in different regions in the country. At present, it has 150 Business Centers and almost 20 branches around the Globe. The company has created over 7,000 millionaires because of its proven system and was recognized by number of prestigious awards, local and international such as the Guinness Book of World Record

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Alliance In Motion Convention 50,000 Attendees At Philippine Arena

Our Company is more on health and wellness products, We are continuously innovating our products to give you the best we can.

The IPROTECT 24/7 and one of the most nutritionally dense food supplements in the world market today, C24/7 by Natures Way, contains the most number of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients in one product. The ingredients of C247 work in “synergy” to produce the maximum result for your body, making it the most potent anti-aging product in the history of supplementation.Estimated total sales of 30 Million pesos per day WORLDWIDE.

With One of our flagship products (C24/7) an amazing food supplement….which sales a volume of 15 million perday in the Philippines (how much more worldwide), you can become a millionaire and at the same time live an excellent healthy life.
Imagine how your life going to be if you earn 401 ZMW / per day to 6,414 ZMW / per day… its per day and daily pay out. The company already in the business for 11 yrs and able to expanded it’s branches around the world. Aim Global Business already created hundreds of self-made multi-Millionaires here in Philippines,Nigeria,Kenya,Ghana,Uganda and other Middle East countries like in Kuwait and UAE that is from all walks of life. . This is your opportunity to became a pioneering member and be one of my Core Leaders in ZAMBIA.
 Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. is duly and legally registered in the Philippine authorities from the start of their operation on 2006. According to Philippine laws, all business establishments who wanted to operate legally in the Philippines or internationally they must first comply with all the requirements set forth by the government authorities before they can open up and start their operation. First, they have to apply a business permit in the municipality / city where the business planned to be located, after that they have to register it in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for taxation purposes, then they have to register the business in Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), then to Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). If the applying company is inline with health & food industry then they have to register the company and all its products in the Bureau of Food & Drugs for health safety purposes of the consumers. If all of these processes and requirements are met, then that company is a duly recognized by the government and therefore its LEGAL.

AIM Global Zambia office is not yet open but you can already join as soon as now. There are already lots of distributors in Zambia who are now earning well. Become part of the pioneer in Zambia! That can bring you a good advantage.

What is the Potential of AIM Global if it will open in Zambia?

AIM Global offers a limitless opportunity and earnings. You can earn up to 6,414 ZMW potential earnings per day per account!

How to join AIM Global Zambia?

You just need to buy the Global Package for registration. You can start AIM Global as soon as now even if the office is not yet officially open. Your package will be coming from AIM Global head office in the Philippines.

To start with AIMWORLD ZAMBIA , Easy and simple step:

1. BE A MEMBER ,you just have to SIGN UP for 2,602 ZMW only
On the spot Return Of Investment and lifetime you can earn big potential income worth 6,414 ZMW,you can have business global , your key to Millions
Value for money.

2) Once registered, You will be given access to AIM Global’s computer system to monitor all your and your group’s successful sales transactions. (Real-time internet-based access to your account 24/7.) you will have your User name: Password: to monitor every transactions in your business.

3, You must invite people until you find 2 people who is willing to join and work with you..

4. You can sell our products or you can use it personally … it depends on you.

5. You just teach this simple steps 1, 2, and 3 to your member and they will teach this steps to their own members.

This is the potential income in one year.. on a monthly DUPLICATION OF 2 or so called “POWER OF 2”
Invite 2 people who are the same like you, who have willingness to earn and like to work with you. People who also have dreams that they want to pursue because this is the life that is waiting for you and your family.. and teach those 2 people you invited to do what you did to earn in this business.For 1 YEAR doing the business serious and continuously you will earn 1,642,496 ZMW,.. as Simple as That.

You can Choose Options A ,B, or C, to Invest an ONLY One Time/Lifetime Investment of just:

A. 23,500 ZMW ONLY : International Package ( Including the Shipping fee of the packages thru DHL or FedEx)
Earn 44,898 ZMW Daily Income

B. 10,500 ZMW ONLY: Entrepreneur Package ( Including the Shipping fee of the packages thru DHL or FedEx)
Earn 19,242 ZMW Daily Income

C. 3,700 ZMW ONLY: Starter Package ( Including the Shipping fee of the packages thru DHL or FedEx)
6,414 ZMW Daily potential Income on your life with the organization grows.

This are the Major Ways to Earn after you Register:

1. DIRECT REFERRAL BONUS – Earn 201 ZMW on every people you registered here in our business. Register as many people as you can and earn unlimited sponsoring bonus.
2. MATCH SALES BONUS – When joining, you will have your own AIM Global online account called the DTC. You will have your left and right sales group which is the binary program. On every person from left that matches a person from right, you will earn 401 ZMW.
This people will continue to bring more people, you will earn unlimited 401 ZMW per match.

Watch Aim Global Marketing Plan Presentation English

This is  mentors information you can send your payment through WESTERN UNION the desired amount depends on what OPTION you choose.
🔹First name: ROBERT
🔹Middle name : PUMIHIC
🔹Last name : DULNUAN
🔹Address manila: Unit 303 De Castro Subdivission, Sta.Lucia,Pasig City,Philippines
🔹Contact Number TM : +639676206879
Whatsapp number:
Email:[email protected]

⭐Your TRUST is our BUSINESS⭐

After you SEND your payment to the WESTERN UNION OR MONEYGRAM then forward the transaction, reference or control number to me
follow the photo below

3RD STEP: AFTER you send the transaction slip or reference number
A. I will claim in the bank or in the remittance center then i will take also the photo of your remittance once i recieve your money
B.I will buy your global packages in the head office then i take photo of your packages
C.I will send your global packages into your adress via DHL OR EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE (EMS) THEN I will take photo.

You just wait your global package arrive in your place.
(5days to 10days processing)

One of the benefits of AimGlobal is the travel Incentives. Aimglobal Remains steadfast in giving the Best to its trip Every Year here in the Philippines and international
.It is a greatest advantage on your part if you will join directly to me because first, you will be included in my 10 key leaders. So, I will teach you how to become an international leader all over the world.I am confident enough to guide you because I am an international leader. Second, this company is originated in the Philippines and I am also from the Philippines. I am trained here by the owners of the company  I will teach you all the learning that I learned from our owner so that you will become successful also in the business.  

thank you for reading my business presentation and i congratulate you in advance. Welcome to the Team and Let’s work together to achieve your Dreams.


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I am Robert Dulnuan, 28 years old from Philippines. Before, I was a ship electrician at Hanjin Shipyard for 5years. Due to small salary for my family I was able to look for a job abroad and by God's grace, I am now working in South Korea.

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