How To Join and Earn In Aim Global Ghana?

I want you to open your heart and mind with this opportunity, What is happening to your place right now will happens to you too, You will earn your first millions in less than 1 year for some took it a months only.. But before i send you all the information please watch this short video about our company AIMGLOBAL worldwide.
   ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL belongs to the TOP MLM SOLID COMPANY IN THE WORLD!( Search on Google it) A helping business that provides a great products and services with one of our flagship products the C24/7 manufactured by the Natures Way, 50 years of service and the No.1 herbal company in the US. An amazing food supplement that can helps from hundreds of Diseases. Sales a volume of 15 million Pesos in the Philippines (How much more worldwide), You can become a millionaire and at the same time live an excellent healthy life. Imagine how your life going to be if you earn daily just GHC125 – GHC2000/day, its per day and daily pay out Almost 200 Ghanians turned into Millionaire for only 4 years and thats from all different walks of life.

Company Profile:

 On the spot Return Of Investment and lifetime membership. Buy this package GHC888 you can have business WORLDWIDE with the BENEFITS in return , Your key to Millions!
The company will give you the following benefits on the spot
1. One time, lifetime Membership(you only buy once)
2. DTC-Data Tracking Center (Personal website)
3. We bank with ECOBANK, As well as various banks in different countries of the world for you to collect your money.
4. Return of investment Instantly, you will have our products worth more than the amount of money paid as registration.
5. Your account is transferable to your next of kin to your generation yet unborn
6. No Demotion, No Reversion, No pass up, No quota, No time Frame
7. You will have a chance to be qualified for our all expense paid trip with pocket money
8. You will have a life time free check up in our clinics( heart,blood, and other sickness as long as you are a member)
9. Your family is secured with Aimglobal, They can use our products to avoid any kinds of illness or sickness
10. With Aimglobal you and your family will have a wonderful future⁠⁠⁠⁠.

Our company gives daily pay out you will have your LEFT and RIGHT SALES group or binary you will earn GHC 125 upon register .Then every new member will be automatically put under your account once you have registered and plus you will earn bonus in every inquiries. Your income depends on the numbers of people who are joining us everyday from different countries then that how it goes and works every day. You will earn even without doing anything once you have registered you will enjoy daily income of GHC 125 up to GHC 2000 per day once your group will grow fast and everyone else is doing the same thing . And that’s all…Finished! Your daily earnings to your local bank account and payment bank alerts begins. And can’t stop all your life what is happening to us will happen to you too! No doubt! 
You can Choose Options A ,B, or C, to Invest an ONLY One Time/Lifetime Investment of just:
A. GHC6,216 ONLY : International Package (7 Center)
B. GHC2,664 ONLY: Entrepreneur Package (3 Center)
C. GHC888 ONLY: Starter Package (1 Center)
on your life with the organization.

I want o share with you the BEST and EASIEST WAY to EARN BIGGER the 7 ACCOUNTS
IF choose 7 account center you will receive
GHC 7,000 plus worth of PRODUCTs RETURN OF INVESTMENT and you have an INCOME GHC 1,045 in your DTC from the 7 center you register which is GHC 6,216.
With the POTENTIAL income up to:
GHC 14,000 per DAY
GHC 98,000 per WEEk
GHC 420,000 per MONTH
when your network grows that you will earn in your 7 account

You can also choose 3 accounts which is GHC 2,664 and you will receive a GHC 2,800 plus worth of PRODUCTS as RETURN OF your INVESTMENT and INCOME GHC 265 in your DTC from the 3 center you register which is GHC 2,664.. Then when your network grows this will be your potential income per day
GHC 6,000 per DAy
GHC 42,000 per WEEK
GHC 180,000 per MONTH

Most of my business partners buy their own cars in less than 6 months after investing the 15 accounts that’s is the highest investment and the 7 accounts.


  1. This is the first step if you are ready to join, Here is the processing,
    You will go to the designated bank in GHANA or you can do it online bank transfer and deposit amount of
    GHC 888 (1) one account
    GHC 2,664 (3) three accounts
    or 7 accounts the best INVESTMENT GHC 6,216 ONLY

Account name: AIM GLOBAL LTD
ECOBANK 0760014482475001

Account Name: AIM GLOBAL
uniBank 1320109672918

2) After that SNAP THE TELLER RECIEPT or transaction reciept
then send it to me as a confirmation that you already transfer the money in the bank with the Signatures and Date. Here is the example of teller receipt.
 You can also invest with 15 ACCOUNTS CENTER that is the maximum investment allowed in this business your whole family will benefits on this sooner or later because this is a lifetime business and you can let them use your account. This is an example of 15 accounts bank deposit slip 13,320 Cedis right after you register you will immediately receive 2,605 Cedis without doing anything. Once you registered, You will be given an access to AIM Global system your personal website or web-page to monitor all your transactions and the people under you, Your personal account will be linked here you can en-cash your income daily then the next day you can withdraw through your ATM cash card.  After the bank transaction
2nd you will go to our branch in Kumasi or Accra
to get your global packages return of your investment and we have training in our office how to do the business step by step

if you go to the office contact the manager there i will connect you to the manager and bring the code then show it to the manager ,because they do not entertain with out code so please don’t throw or loose it code that im sent it to you . so that the manager will assist you.   
Police, Armed-Force and Nuns are grabbing AIM GLOBAL opportunity.
I salute them because they are open minded
join as soon as possible.

One of the benefits of AIMGLOBAL is the travel Incentives AIMGLOBAL Remains steadfast in giving the Best to its distributors free trip Every Year here in the Philippines and international for FREE! 

Welcome to AimGlobal family as you can see here on the photo below different delegates from different countries free trip to philippines by AimGlobal to attend our Anniversarry more than 55,000 thousand distributors at Philippine Arena and we are the fastest growing company in the world.  
Remember, it is a great advantage on your part If I will be your mentor since I become the top earner of the company and trainor of the company. So I will be your personal mentor if in case you decide to be one of my business partners. I will be the one to teach you how to become the top earner of our company. I have so many plans for you to become successful in this company. We help each other to build this business.
I believe in these two sayings; “The most poor person in this world is not the man without money,but a man without DREAMS” “A poor man says “To see is to believe”. While a rich man say’s “Believe and you will see” IMAGINE YOUR DREAMS!
I know you want to have a FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM in life my friend. I know you want to become SUCCESSFUL. in order to help, not only to our family but also to the less fortunate people. This BUSINESS PROGRAM can help you ACHIEVE your GOALS and DREAMS of FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM.

Why you should join Aimglobal? Watch this testimony by one of our top earner,,,
“It is not what this would do for you, but how it can help you to lift others who are around you.”
Aimglobal is a Gold Mine!

Please read and understand my business presentation my dear, I will get back to you as soon as possible this great opportunity could be the answer of your prayers. Have a time and financial freedom God has a better plan for you my friend and for your family. With GOD and with AIMGLOBAL everything is possible!

Thank you for reading my presentation, i know it’s not accident that you had known about AIM GLOBAL but it has a Good purpose for you and your Future.

Once again Welcome and Congratulations .

For more information contact me:
Whatsapp line: +639676206879
Email: [email protected]

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